Important role of café in the society

Café is not a mere place to have a coffee. It had functioned as a place to thrive various artistic or cultural movements in the history. Sometimes, it worked as a place to change the society, as the time of French Revolution. Even today, cafes still work as a purification system of the society, while providing a gathering space to relax, to talk with friends and to solve some problems spontaneously. Expressing their thought and talking each other provide unique atmosphere to the café and the very air attracts more people to the place. In the society, café functions not only as the Third place, meeting and creating place, but also it serves as core setting of an informal public life, relaxed time in the middle of the city. Sidewalk cafés are the key figure of revitalization of the city center in the 21st century. The existence of excellent café could change the life of people around, and it could also change the area, and image of the city.

Potential of café as a place

Café is not a mere place to have a drink. When a great interaction occurs between those who seek a place to stay and generous owner who make the place, something unexpected happens in the café and client’s talent eventually flourish. In a historical view, perfect example of the interaction between client and owner or the place happened in Paris from 1920s to 1940s. As I was passionated by the amazing story, and dedicated my first book about the potential of the café as a place in 2008, and it was republished in 2020. (around 4000 copies are sold)


It’s not a coincidence that Paris and Vienna are both famous for their cafes and known as cultural capital in Europe. Also, Copenhagen in Denmark, Portland in US, Melbourne in Australia are famous for their success of revitalization of city center, and also known for their café. It’s because sidewalk cafes are crucial to revitalize, reconquer the city center.


The presence of places where people can encounter something or someone unexpected and speak their idea without hesitation is fundamental to create more liberal and livable society. For those who wish to have such a place, I continue my research and present some useful information via presentations and books etc.

“Those who live in a city surrounded by numerous cafés like Paris or Vienna are happier than those who don’t. For even if they once lose their precise place by its sudden closure, they could easily find their alternative among thousands of cafes. While a good place doesn’t necessary create something, for those who seek new ideas or different lifestyle, it’s crucial to have a place to linger and stay talking. Even though some had great ambition, unless they could find some place to meet and stay with their friends with whom they can share and appreciate their point of view, their will would fade under the pressure of isolation. It’s not a coincidence that Paris and Vienna are surrounded by thousands of café.